Become A Volunteer

Become a volunteer

The Stroke Survivors Foundation is highly reliant on the efforts of volunteers to achieve the Foundation’s goals

Loosely a ‘social’ SSF Stroke Support Group need/s to provide the following in order to succeed:

  • A Venue for weekly support meetings
  • Furniture Tables and chairs
  • Transport/ Vehicle ideally adapted for stroke survivors and Driver
  • Refreshments
  • Provision of access to some Therapies, i.e.  OT, Physio and Speech and assistive devices.
  • Some Care givers if not attending with the stroke survivor
  • And most Importantly Stroke Survivors to attend.

Additional Support skills are:

  • Budgeting
  • Organising a working committee to achieve the above
  • Support for local fund raising activities.
  • Promotion of the group.
  • Fielding general queries from the public.


So the SSF requires a variety of organisational and management skills for each group. Please contact us at if you want to volunteer.

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