Blue Glove Initiative

The Glove Initiative (TGI) is a concept that intends to:

  • raise the awareness of Stroke
  • assist local stroke organisations / societies raise funds
  • serve to inform and educate society about stroke
  • Spread the message of B.E.F.A.S.T.
  • Create a symbol for Stroke Awareness


The concept is to create a Stroke Awareness Symbol that will be recognized the world over!

A blue glove seems an impractical item to become a symbol yet, when utilized in the manner we intend and promoted on International Stroke Day and International Stroke month, society will begin to understand the losses, frustrations and impact on a stroke survivors’ life post discharge.

The intention is to have people advocate Stroke by purchasing a single blue glove and wear the glove on a hand which they choose not to make use for an hour in the day (International Stroke Awareness Day 29th October). Not only does it advocate for Stroke, but being an abled person, the use of one’s hand is habitual and instinctive so it will also act as a reminder to what stroke survivors have to cope with every single day.