Donations and Fundraising

Donations and Fundraising

The Stroke Survivors Foundation receives ZERO government funding and therefore we rely on the publics’ social responsibility and benevolence.

All the employees, volunteers and beneficiaries of our services thank you for your donation and patronage. Any and all contribution are greatly appreciated, especially in this tough economic climate whereby your contributions are utilize to further The Stroke Survivors Foundations mission and objectives.

Fundraising, such as organizing a walk, run, golf days or other social event is an interactive and easy way to engage friends and family to raise awareness and advocate for stroke. Platforms such as SnapScan and BackaBuddy can be utilized to assist and simplify your efforts.

We appreciate any contribution to fund the projects and day-to-day expenses of the Foundation. Contributions/ donations to The Stroke Survivors Foundation can be deposited into the following bank account:

First National Bank          Current Account

Branch Number:               251 141

Account Number:             62 812 827 949

Reference:                          Your surname and contact number OR anonymous

Please list your surname and contact number so that we can contact you to thank you for your contribution. Should you wish to remain anonymous, we will honour your wish and not contact you, and we thank you in advance for your contribution.

Bequests are also welcome and greatly appreciated.

If you would like the donation used towards a specific project or purpose, please send us correspondence to  with reference to the deposit.


Also on display below, is our wish list…in the hope that philanthropists would like to get involved and show a little empathy towards our cause?


Wish list
Accommodation vouchers/sponsor – both local and International (WSO Conferences)
Flight vouchers/sponsor – both local and International (WSO Conferences)
Food and beverage vouchers  – support groups
Laptops and/or desktop computers
Petrol vouchers
Property for SSF Head Office
Vehicle – people transporter