About Post-Discharge Stroke Support (PDSS)


In South Africa, and similarly around the world, millions are bravely fighting the effects of stroke just like you. Our objective is to connect you with this brave community.

In bridging the gap that currently exists between hospital discharge and life changing support that is required post-stroke, the SSF has developed Post Discharge Stroke Support (PDSS) community, which includes the Strokefocus mobile app, available for download from Android or Apple app stores.

PDSS offers the following key services to its members:
• Access to a community of survivors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals
• Peer support and care for survivors, their families and caregivers
• Education, motivation and inspiration to cope with the journey to recovery
• Information dissemination

If you know of anyone that has suffered a stroke or if you are a caregiver or family member living with a stroke survivor, we are here to tackle this challenging new journey with you.

This will enable you to regain your dignity and pride, which will give you the confidence and belief in yourself, and ease your re-entry into society, post-stroke.

Stroke survivors will never again feel left alone and abandoned, scan the Strokefocus QR code below to signup!