About Post-Discharge Stroke Support (PDSS)


PDSS bridges the gap that exists between hospital discharge and life changing support that is required post-stroke.

In South Africa, and similarly around the world, millions are bravely fighting the effects of stroke just like you. Our objective is to connect you with this brave community.

With this in mind, the Stroke Survivor Foundation (SSF) have collaborated and joined forces with Strokefocus to create the PDSS platform. Strokefocus, based in America, is building a global community to pool resources and share insights of stroke survivors and caregivers.

This portal allows the SSF to provide opportunities for stroke survivors, including their families and caregivers, to receive support, specific and appropriate to their own circumstances. This will enable you to regain your dignity and pride, which will give you the confidence and belief in yourself, and ease your re-entry into society, post-stroke.

No need to feel alone anymore, we are here for YOU and show you that there is life post-stroke!

In order to build an Organizational Ecosystem, we have identified four categories, which in our opinion, cover all stakeholders in the world of stroke.

By registering on PDSS, you are contributing to wonderful success stories of individuals who have beaten the odds and prevented stroke destroying their lives!