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Stroke survivor, Founder & Director (CEO)

George Scola 

Adapt, Improvise and Prosper!



  • 26th of April 2008, with a pre-stroke career history in IT, banking and property finance, which was suddenly cut short when, aged 37, suffered an Ischemic stroke which left him with a right hemiparesis and expressive aphasia. Within 8 months of hospital discharge, his business and marriage fell apart and crumbled.
  • 2010, co-founded The Stroke Survivors Foundation (SSF) and subsequently, as an awareness, motivational and fundraising project, walked 2500 kms across South Africa. Bring it on! Campaign.
  • 2013, was invited by the World Stroke Organisation (WSO) to participate as one of the seven member team who created the Global Stroke Bill of Rights (BOR).
  • 2014, launch of the WSO Global Stroke Bill of Rights (BOR) in Istanbul.
  • 2016, elected to the WSO board of Directors.
  • 2016 incubated and hatched the Blue Glove Initiative.
  • 2019 – awarded a Fellowship of the World Stroke Organisation.