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Stroke survivor and secretariat

Kele Motshwane – Stroke survivor and secretariat

I joined SSF in 2016, I wanted to be a part of an organisation of people who understands what I have been through and can relate to my struggles as a stroke survivor.
The team was able to point out to me about the anger that I was still harbouring in me, and I am able to freely share with them about my thoughts without fear of being judged, and seen as if because of the brain injury that I suffered my brain function hasn’t lost the capacity to think like any other person.  The acceptance and support from the members is very important for someone who has been on the journey of picking up your life and adapting to your new self.

I have been given a platform to share my journey with medical students and request them to be conscious of their bedside manners especially when dealing with stroke patients because in most cases we are treated like people whose brains don’t function and I am hoping that our interaction with them will help produce a new generation of doctors who are compassionate and understand that even with a brain injury we are still able to think and fuction properly.

SSF has helped me to want to educate others about stroke and reach out to families who are living with stroke survivors.  I go as far as even raising awareness about stroke to homeless people so that when they see someone presenting stroke symptoms to quickly get the person help.