Stroke survivor

Thobeka Marumo – Stroke survivor

My younger sister Sanelisiwe Sibisi, whom is also a stroke survivor, introduced me to The Stroke Survivors Foundation (SSF) in 2018. She was online seeking for support groups of young survivors like herself, as she had her stroke at 14 years of age and I had mine at 21 years. Guess it runs in the family (sigh).

So in connecting with the foundation, she met George Scola who is the founding member and the rest of the team, naming a few at the time Barry, Natasha, Melissa, and Nono. She would come home all excited about the support group, knowing that she is not alone. Convincing me to join and do my part, as I know the journey myself, and also having looked after her during her journey of surviving stroke.

After a lengthy phone conversation with George, I was invited to a meeting and asked to join the management team. My journey began at the end of 2018 with the foundation, and since then, has been an eye-opener on different fronts for me (different types of strokes, causes of it, etc.). Having to read up more on stroke, the number of people who suffer from it and being able to educate others on Stroke and its impact on the survivor and family members. I have been given a chance to tell my story, well my family’s story to others and the fact that age is not a factor when it comes to stroke. The Foundation does a lot to educate the public by having educational talks and awareness campaigns amongst others. Motivating me to really play my part by helping others to deal with the after-effects of stroke and learn ways of preventing stroke, oh yes,  and further understand that there are different types of strokes (no one size fits all).